Saturday, October 20, 2012

Style the Walls Without Breaking the Bank!

Wall art can really help tie a room together, but it can also be extremely expensive. In this tutorial I am going to teach you how to make a picture wall for under $15. In my previous post I told you about redoing my kitchen and the custom border I had made, well that was not the only area that I had to get creative. I absolutely adore Paula Deen, and the idea of having a Paula Deen inspired breakfast nook just seemed to suit, however as many of you know many of the kiosks at photo centers will not print copy written pictures (and for good reason), and many at home printers do not render the most clear pictures. So instead I simply used an outdated Paula Deen calender. Calender pictures are large in size and have a very clear resolution, plus outdated calendars on Ebay are generally around $3. For the frames I used a very simple black 8x10 frame I found at Walmart for $1.50 a piece. If simple is not your style you can easily glam up your frames or you can also mix and match frames you found at thrift stores.

Here are the steps I took achieving the look
  1. I began by unstapling the calender and separating the calender at the folds, I then had 12 pictures to choose from. I only needed 8 to accomplish the look I desired.
  2. After deciding which pictures I would used. I took the glass out of one of the picture frames and positioned it on each print and used it as a view window. Whatever is showing in the glass will be what is showing when framed, so be sure not to include the little hole at the top that you would use to hang the calendar. Once you get the glass angled to your liking you simply trace around the glass with a pen.
  3. Cut along the marks you made, I used scissors, but if you are an exacto knife champion be my guest.
  4. Frame the cut out in a frame and viola.
I hope you found this helpful! If you try it be sure to send pictures, I'd love to see everyone else's ideas!

Create a Custom Wallborder For Cheap!!

I am a picky person by nature, so when it comes to my home decor they have to really impress me and be unique (I run a blog named YouTique after all). When I moved into my home the kitchen was large and bright, however the walls had a floral detailed paneling and a sea foam green chair rail, mix the two elements together and the kitchen looked so small! I dealt with the kitchen until all the other rooms were somewhat completed and then came the room I knew I would be compelled to make perfect... The kitchen is the heart of the home after all. Regardless of how difficult I knew it would be, I set out on a journey to redo my kitchen. After much deliberation I decided to paint the walls a cream color, and do black and copper accents.. Not exactly decor that you could easy pick up at Walmart, but as I said I am picky and want what I want. As I began the project I had so much optimism, the wall painting with multiple coats was complete in 2 days, I found wonderful pictures to hang, found counter accessories and then... I hit a wall. I could not for the life of me find a border that matched my color scheme, budget, or the size of the chair rail. Three weeks I searched online,went store to store and after dead end after dead end, I had finally reached my limit. I decided to forget the border and paint the chair rail the same color as the rest of the wall, as much as I didn't want to. Defeated,  I went to Lowe's to get paint when the clouds opened and the angels sang (building anticipation), I saw a paintable wallpaper, and everything clicked. I could cut the paper down to the size I needed for the rail, paint it the color I wanted, and for the fraction of the cost of a 15 feet roll of border. I am all about bargains after all!

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Check Out The Craft Blog Directory!

There is a new Craft Blog Directory that is currently being formed and for anyone who wants to join. Its an honor to be able to be associated with a community with similar interests and getting to connect with them. I look forward to getting to know some new readers and cannot wait to hear everyone's ideas!! Go join the directory now by clicking the image below!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Barn Phootshoot

Hey Everybody!!! Wow I cannot believe its been 9 days since my last post. I am currently scolding myself! But on a good note today I got to go out and about again and take some new pictures. The theme for today was Barns, and Oh lordy do I have some big treats for y'all. Christy and I went to 3 different locations to get pictures of some the most beautiful barns in Missouri (In my opinion). Some of the barns we just happened upon and some had great stories behind them, no matter the circumstance they made for gorgeous photos. I hope y'all enjoy!!

We came across this barn while driving down a gravel road. It was one of my favorites.

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Monday, March 5, 2012

"Like" Youtique on Facebook!!

Hey everybody! Just recently I made a Facebook page so that everyone can keep up with new posts on the blog as well as contests and giveaways!

Go to and click Like!

At 50 likes there will be a little giveaway and who knows it could be you! So go share the page and lets start having some fun!

Kick Up Your Feet... For Cheap!

You have to love Lazy Sundays! I may have to work in the morning on Sundays but that means my entire evening is open to watch movies, get take out Chinese food, and hang out with my pooch Roxy.... but for me I can only be lazy so long before I have to get up and do something. Earlier in the week I posted about an ottoman I found at a junk store here in town. The ottoman has a great build and is very stable, the only issues with it was a few minor scuffs on the legs and a very ugly fabric on the cushion. I bought the ottoman for $5.50 and did not want to invest anymore than $15 into it.

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